Grad Students

Brandon  Bloomer picture
Brandon Bloomer
Brandon was born and raised in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia, PA. He conducted his undergraduate studies at Temple University, where he worked in the lab of Scott Sieburth on the [4+4] photocycloaddition chemistry of 2-pyridones. He later worked in the lab of Sarah Wengryniuk to develop pincer Ni(II) catalysts for the oxidative C-H functionalization of arenes.

Having developed an intense interest in organometallics, and motivated to apply it in biological systems, Brandon joined the Hartwig lab in the Summer of 2017 and is currently studying the development of novel artificial metalloenzymes.

In his free time, brandon enjoys walking, running, and watching budget horror films.
Trevor Butcher picture
Trevor Butcher

Trevor Butcher was born in 1994, grew up in San Diego, California, and moved to Maryland before high school. He received his B.S. from West Virginia University, where he worked on the copper-catalyzed carboxylation of alkenes with Prof. Brian Popp. In 2016, Trevor moved to Berkeley and joined the group to study synthetic methodology. He is currently working in the area of allylic substitution. Outside of lab, Trevor enjoys listening to music, running, and skateboarding.

Steven  Hanna picture
Steven Hanna
Steven Hanna was born in Atlanta in 1993. He received his bachelor’s degree from Georgia Tech, where he studied the chemistry of dirhodium carbenoids with Professor Stefan France. In 2016, Steven moved to Berkeley to join the Hartwig group. He is currently developing a multicatalytic approach to the hydroaminomethylation of α-olefins and applying the tools of machine learning to enantioselective catalysis. Outside of lab, Steven enjoys going to the beach, hiking, and playing music.
Eric  Kalkman picture
Eric Kalkman
Eric Kalkman was born in 1995 and raised in the suburbs around St. Paul, Minnesota. He earned his B.S. in chemistry and computer science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. While there, he worked in the lab of Prof. Ian Tonks developing heterobimetallic catalytic cycles in an effort to introduce a greater degree of programmability into ethylene polymerization and α-olefin hydroesterification. Following a brief stint in the Hartwig lab during the summer of 2016, Eric returned in the fall of 2017 to expand his understanding of organometallic transformations. He is currently studying catalytic fluoroalkylation. Outside of lab, he enjoys learning languages (both spoken and for programming), tinkering with his computer, and playing the violin.
Caleb Karmel
Caleb Karmel

Caleb Karmel was born in New York, New York in 1993. He received his B.S. from Rice University in 2015. There, he worked with Dr. Zachary Ball synthesizing rhodium peptide complexes and related complexes that will help probe protein-protein interactions. In 2015, Caleb decided that biology was too complicated for him and that he would do research in organometallic chemistry. He joined the Hartwig group in Fall 2015 and is working on directed C-H silylation chemistry. Outside of the lab, Caleb enjoys bad sci-fi movies and trying every burrito in the bay area.

Zhennan Liu
Zhennan Liu

Zhennan Liu was born in China in 1994. She received her B.S. from Nanyang Technological University in 2014. After graduation, she worked with Prof Tamio Hayashi on rhodium-catalysed hydroarylation of olefins. In 2015, she decided to come to UC Berkeley and join the Hartwig group. Outside of the lab, Zhennan enjoys reading and jogging.

Jason   Ma picture
Jason Ma
Jason(Senjie) Ma was born in Shanghai, China. He completed his undergraduate study at Carleton College, where he investigated the reactivity of late transition metal silylene complexes under the supervision of Professor Matt Whited. In 2018, Jason moved to Berkeley and joined the Hartwig group. He is currently working on the mechanistic studies of ruthenium catalyzed hydroamination reaction. When not in lab, Jason enjoys watching documentaries, cooking and playing table tennis.
Yehao  Qiu picture
Yehao Qiu
Yehao was born in 1995 and grew up in Nanjing, Jiangsu, China. He received his B.S. from University of Chicago, where he worked with Professor Jared C. Lewis on rhodium pincer complexes. In 2018, Yehao moved to Berkeley and joined the Hartwig group. He is currently working on mechanistic studies of nickel(II) catalyzed light alkane functionalizations. Outside of lab, Yehao enjoys movies and Blizzard games.
Noam Saper
Noam Saper

Noam Saper was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan and pursued a B.S in chemistry at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. At Brandeis, Noam worked in the labs of Prof. Barry Snider and Prof. Christine Thomas. Following graduation and enthralled by the mysteries of the west coast, he decided to join the Hartwig group in the summer of 2015. Noam is working on mechanistic studies of Ni catalyzed diaryl ether hydrogenolysis. Outside of the lab he enjoys cooking, spending time with friends, and participating in religious activities.

Justin  Wang picture
Justin Wang

Justin Wang was born in 1992 and grew up in the East Lansing area of Michigan. He received a bachelor's degree in chemistry from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, where he worked in Prof. Nathaniel Szymczak's lab on borazine-metal complexes. In 2015, Justin moved to Berkeley and joined the Hartwig group to study organometallic chemistry. Outside of lab, Justin enjoys listening to music, daydreaming, and watching TV.

Yumeng  Xi picture
Yumeng Xi

Yumeng Xi was born in Wuhan, China in 1990. He received his B.S. degree in chemistry from Peking University, China, where he worked in Prof. Zhen Yang's laboratory on the total syntheses of macrolactam natural products. Driven by his passion for organic chemistry, he moved to West Virginia University working in Prof. Xiaodong Michael Shi's laboratory on the development of novel bond-forming reactions through gold catalysis and obtained a M.S. degree. In 2014, fascinated by the beauty of organometallic chemistry, he decided to travel across the country and join the Hartwig group. Outside of the lab, Yumeng enjoys taking photos, roadtrips and watching movies.