Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates in Hartwig Group conduct research with a graduate student or postdoctoral associate as mentor. If you are a current UCB student and interested in undergraduate research in our group, please submit a cover letter discussing research interests and career plans, a CV, and transcripts (unofficial is OK) via email to jhartwig@berkeley.edu and use "UC Berkeley undergraduate interested in undergraduate research" as a subject.
Robert  Anderson picture
Robert Anderson
Robert was born in Eureka, California and raised in the mountains of Trinity County. After attending College of the Redwoods, he transferred to UC Berkeley in 2017 to study his favorite subject, chemistry. Robert joined the Hartwig lab in January  2018, and investigates the catalytic activity of first row metallic complexes. In his free time, Robert enjoys running, thinking about languages, reading indiscriminately,  and dabbling in new skills.
Zhewei  Chen picture
Zhewei Chen
Zhewei Chen was born in Hangzhou, China and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2016. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry. He joined the Hartwig group in May of 2017 and is working with Caleb Karmel on directed C-H silylation chemistry. In his free time, Zhewei enjoys watching movies and playing DotA 2.
Berling  Chen picture
Berling Chen
Berling Chen is from Vancouver, Canada and came down to Berkeley to pursue an undergraduate degree in Chemical Biology starting Fall 2015. He joined the Hartwig Group in August 2017 and has been working closely with Zhennan Liu on the development and characterization of artificial metalloenzymes. An interesting fact about Berling is that he was born in Seattle, WA but grew up in Taiwan and Canada. Berling enjoys hiking and taking photos at leisure.
Alvin  Hsu picture
Alvin Hsu
Alvin Hsu was born and raised in Fremont, CA, an hour south of Berkeley. He came to U.C. Berkeley in the fall of 2015, to study chemistry and computer science. After working for a year in the Maimone lab, he decided to join the Hartwig group in fall of 2017 to work on combining combinatorial catalyst discovery with data science. He intends on studying a combination of organic chemistry and informatics in graduate school, and hopes to eventually be able to apply machine learning towards reaction prediction. In his free time, Alvin enjoys swimming, playing video games, and exploring restaurants around Berkeley.
Camille  Rubel picture
Camille Rubel
Camille Rubel is from Los Angeles, California and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2016 to study chemistry. She joined the Hartwig group in the summer of 2018 to work with Caleb Karmel on the silylation of arenes. Besides organic chemistry, Camille enjoys playing frisbee, listening to music, spending time with friends, and making lists.
Nick  Watkins picture
Nick Watkins
Nick Watkins grew up in San Diego, California and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2015. He is currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry. He joined the Hartwig group in January of 2017 and is working with Rhett Baillie and Brandon Bloomer on the expression and purification of proteins to be used for the abiological cyclopropanation of terpenes. In his free time, he enjoys rock climbing, playing soccer, and exploring San Francisco.
Wenqing  Xu picture
Wenqing Xu
Wenqing (Linda) Xu was born in Tokyo, Japan and grew up in Shanghai, China. She came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2015, pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Biology. She joined the Hartwig Group in Fall 2017, working with Dr. Sean Natoli on the development of new artificial metalloenzymes and analysis of their catalytic activity. In her free time, Linda enjoys working out and exploring gourmet around Berkeley (aka hands-on experiment on human metabolism).
Jonathan  Yang picture
Jonathan Yang
Jonathan is a junior majoring in Chemistry. Before joining the lab, he worked in the Tseng Lab at UCLA, and in the Murthy and Chang Labs at Berkeley. At the Chang Lab he worked on probing amino acids using electrophilic probes. Currently, he is working on Iridium Catalyzed Allyic Substitution with Trevor. In his free time he enjoys watching Dodger baseball, cooking, and cycling.