Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates in Hartwig Group conduct research with a graduate student or postdoctoral associate as mentor. If you are a current UCB student and interested in undergraduate research in our group, please submit a cover letter discussing research interests and career plans, a CV, and transcripts (unofficial is OK) via email to jhartwig@berkeley.edu and use "UC Berkeley undergraduate interested in undergraduate research" as a subject.
Marissa Nicole Lavagnino picture
Marissa Nicole Lavagnino

Marissa is from San Diego, California and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2013. She is pursuing a B.S. degree in Chemistry and joined the Hartwig group in August of 2015. Currently, she is working with Sophie Arlow on the synthesis of fluorinated compounds. When she isn't studying, Marissa enjoys reading, cooking, and playing the cello.

Casey  Olen picture
Casey Olen
Casey Olen came to Berkeley from Columbus, Ohio in fall of 2013. He is pursuing a B.S. in chemical biology with a minor in computer science. A member of the Hartwig group since winter of 2016, he currently works with Chris Hill on developing catalytic one-pot coupling reactions of primary alcohols and amines. He intends on pursuing organic chemistry in graduate school and hopes to develop software solutions to accelerate chemistry discovery and streamline research logistics. In his free time he enjoys rock climbing, playing drums, and reading poetry.
Shayun  Pedram picture
Shayun Pedram
Shayun is from San Diego, California, and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2014. He is pursuing a B.S. degree in chemistry and joined the Hartwig group in February of 2016. He is currently working with Yumeng Xi on selective hydroboration of asymmetric alkenes. When he isn't in the lab, Shayun can be found hiking in the Berkeley hills, exploring the Berkeley botanical gardens, or waiting for a pizza to be delivered.
Vida Seyedkazemi
Vida Seyedkazemi

Vida Seyedkazemi is from Stockton, California and came to UC Berkeley Fall of 2013. She is pursuing a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology, with an emphasis in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Vida joined the Hartwig group in August 2015 and has been working on using artificial metalloenzymes to synthesize organic reactions. In her spare time, Vida travels, plays the piano, spends time with family and friends, and plays soccer.

 Zhiyao  Zhan picture
Zhiyao Zhan
Zhiyao Zhan was born in Beijing, China and came to UC Berkeley in the fall of 2014. Zhiyao is currently a junior pursuing a degree of Chemical Biology in College of Chemistry. Zhiyao joined the Hartwig group in the fall of 2016 and is currently working on the expression and purification of proteins, as well as preparation of mutant protein plasmids. He is also very interested in the synthesis of chemical substrates and screening of enzymatic and catalytic reactions. In his spare time, Zhiyao likes watching some TV shows, playing sports and watching NBA games.