Bo was born in Zhoukou, a small town in the middle of China, and spent most of his time there until he went to Zhengzhou University to study chemistry. After obtaining his Bachelor degree in 2008, Bo went to Tianjin to pursue his Ph.D. with Prof. Qingmin Wang in Nankai University, where his research mainly focused on the investigation of total synthesis and biological activities of phenanthroindolizidine/quinolizidine alkaloids. In 2013, he went to Peking University to study Organometallic Chemistry Directed Towards Organic Synthesis (OMCOS) with Prof. Zhangjie Shi. In the beginning of 2016, Bo joined the Hartwig group at UC Berkeley studying more transition metal catalysis and mechanism. Outside of the lab, Bo likes to try new things that are unfamiliar to him (e.g. new foods, beers, sports…).